A Rich Unmanned Systems Portfolio

We have the know-how and experience to deliver to the market, mature and tailored made RPAS solutions using already available platforms and mission equipment as proven baselines.

Ouranos UAS

Multi-purpose configurable long range small tactical UAS


OURANOS is a reliable fixed wing RPAS with optimized up to 10hours flight endurance and a flight envelope of best in class performance. OURANOS features a highly advanced autopilot system and a standard gyro-stabilized dual EO & IR sensor configuration with geo location and geo tracking capabilities. Due to its dedicated payload bay, OURANOS can be easily configured with various payloads offering a versatile unmanned solution for a variety of missions.


Landing GearYES
ParachuteYES (Optional)
EngineElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Wingspan3.3 m
Length2.3 m
Payload 10 Kg
Altitude15,000 ft
Range100 km
Maximum speed110 km/h
Endurance10 hr
  1. Day HD Camera
  2. Thermal (IR) Video Camera
  3. Dual (EO/IR)
  4. Photogrammetric Camera
  5. Lidar
  6. Emissions measuring sensor

VTOL Mini UAS Etheras

Mini VTOL UAS solution for ship-born maritime applications


ETHERAS is a helicopter RPAS based on a mature airframe, ideal for camera works, scientific research, surveillance and other applications. Etheras features a fully automatic flight capability, all terrain deployment and a redundant design with the following characteristics:


Length (with rotor)2.6 m
Rotor diameter2.2 m
Payloadup to 9 Kg (depending on endurance configuration)
Altitude4,000 ft
Range20 km
Maximum speed70 km/h
Endurance2 hr (with 4 kg payload)
  1. Day HD Camera
  2. Thermal (IR) Video Camera
  3. Dual (EO/IR)
  4. Photogrammetric Camera


Multi-rotor family


The Atlas 4/8 multirotor System is a family of quad/octa-rotor systems respectively, designed to deliver “out of the normal” multirotor capabilities in the fields of surveillance, environmental monitoring and research projects. ATLAS system is designed to the highest industrial standards, with state of the art autopilot system, encrypted RF links, redundant safety systems and reconfigurable payload hab. Both systems are identical in operation and maintenance, however the ALTAS 8 system is in use when the payload capacity is of an essence.





Span1870mm 800mm
length1870mm  800mm
Height508 mm (28” Propeller Mounted) 440mm
Transport size2000 x 1100 x 600mm 720 x 720 x 570mm
Weight17Kg (without payload)  5Kg
Max Payload Weight15 Kg 2 kg
Flight time>30 min depending on payload>30 min depending on payload
Max flight altitude1000m 1500m

Aristotelis USV

Unmanned Surface System with multi payload capacity


The ARISTOTELIS Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a multipurpose unmanned power boat, developed by ALTUS LSA. The USV is powered by a variable-speed engine of 1,732cc and controlled by an Auto Pilot system, supporting either manned or unmanned operations.

The structure comprises of a high performance Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), with a deep V-shaped, 7.2m long hull, for high endurance and stability during operations. When manned, it has a passenger capacity of 2 and a cruising speed of 30 knots, while its range can exceed 20 km.

ARISTOTELIS USV is designed in order to support multiple payloads and sensors integration and thus can perform a wide variety of operations, such as:

  • Calibration of on-board surface ships measurement sensors
  • Calibration of ground-portable measurement sensors
  • Support of maritime operations providing optical, thermal or radar data.
  • Automatic patrol of maritime perimeter
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) measurements


Length7.7 m
Width2.5 m
Hight4.7 m
Speed Max.30 kts
Range> 20 km
Endurance10 hrs @ Veco
  1. Electro Optical/ Thermal (EO/IR)
  2. Maritime RADAR
  3. Voice relay
  4. Jammer
  5. CBRNE
  6. AIS
  7. GFE  


Small and agile USV in support of scientific research applications


NIRIIS is a robust, multi-role, electric powered Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) designed for various applications including reconnaissance and remote surveillance as well as experimental and research applications. The vessel’s size is ideal to fit various interchangeable payloads and sensors including cameras, GPS and also custom designed payloads. The body and hull are made of high strength glass fiber composite material combined with high durable aluminum and steel parts. The hull design offers increased performance in terms of speed and maneuverability, making the platform capable of performing sharp turns and precise maneuvers. A heavy duty brushless electronic speed control allows the precise control over the speed and thrust through the custom designed Ground Control Station (GCS).



Length135 cm
Width38 cm
Height26 cm
Height with Antennas and GPS48 cm
Empty Weight4.5 kg
Gross Weight10.5 kg
Maximum Weight Limit14.5 kg
EnduranceUp to 120 min
Operational range1,000m
Video link range1,000m
Maximum speedUp to 16 knots
Temperature LimitsMin. Navigation temp +5oC

Max. Navigation temp +50oC

  • RPM/V: 1,900KV
  • Max Power: 888W
  • Max current: 60A
  • Idle current: 4A
  • No. of Cells (LiPo) 3S
Main Communication FrequenciesMain link: 868 MHz

Remote control link: 2.4 GHz

Video Communication FrequencyVideo Downlink: 5.8 GHz
  1. Electro Optical (EO)
  2. Thermal (IR)
  3. Voice relay
  4. CBRNE
  5. AIS