ALTUS LSA receives the first UAS Airworthiness Certification by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority


ALTUS LSA, in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, completed successfully and in accordance to the standards and directives of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), the Airworthiness Certification of the OURANOS UAS, which constitutes the first Airworthiness Certification of its kind in Greece.

ALTUS CEO, retrieves OURANOS UAS Airworthiness Certificate

On Tuesday, 3rd of September 2019, the Flight Standards Directorate of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority issues for the first time to a Greek Company the Airworthiness Certificate for the OURANOS UAS system.

The OURANOS system (UAS Category C), with 24 kg maximum takeoff weight, is the creation of the ALTUS LSA Technical department and is equipped with state of the art aviation technology such as auto take off and landing system, air navigation system redundancies, RTK GPS, ADS-B, etc. The performance characteristics of OURANOS extend to 10 hours of autonomy and 50 to 100 km range.

The detailed and time demanding process required to achieve the airworthiness certificate is based on the UAV standards issued by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, STANAG and includes static and dynamic tests, safety redundancy tests, stress tests, NDT tests, conformity tests, etc. The airworthiness process was concluded successfully with flight tests which were conducted on the 1st and 2nd of August in 2019 at the Maleme Airport in presence of representatives of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The successful conduct of the Certificate is a product of the effective collaboration between the private sector, academic sector and government authorities.